Geeky monthly captures: April 2023

April was a busy month. It was intense to the point that I was surprised when realised that I’m in the last week of it 😉 Apart from two fascinating short trips, this was a good time to work on various projects and do nice progress in many directions.

Paris was cold and rainy through the first half and then surprised with colours and intoxicating scents of spring blossom. Many Parisian gardens looked as if from fairytale. In free time I managed to admire the beauty of nature (even if often in the middle of the city) and see some temporary (and permanent) exhibitions in Paris, the city offers so many nice cultural surprises, it’s quite a logistics to keep in track;)

Bring a cup of coffee and spend some time with looking at my April geeky captures!

The month has started with amazing Manet/Degas temporary exhibition. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about Manet and Degas, their background, development of career and the specific frenemy type of their relationship. Don’t miss this amazing display of masterpieces of these two artists! You have time until July 23rd, 2023.
Our friend run the Paris marathon! Great job!
Early days of April didn’t have great weather so a sunny afternoon was even more special 😉
Dinner at home.
Easter time in Dublin. I recommend the Irish capital for historical landmarks, interesting architecture and amazing pubs in the evening. If you want to learn more about things to do in Dublin area check out this post.
I was even more enchanted by the Irish countryside with scenic hikes, stunning castles and climatic gardens. If you want to see few suggestions of interesting places in Dublin which you can reach using regional transport check this post.
Ireland was all in blossom in April
A bit of butter and white wine, generous amount of salmon, cod, mussels mixed with all season vegetables, cream and fish stock and voila -you can have your own bowl of Atlantic seafood chowder. This traditional Irish dish was my favourite! Need to recreate it at home.
Golden hour next to the Louvre.
Did you know that Assemble Nationale (National Assembly) organizes guided tours for free? This is a great opportunity to learn about French political system and also see beautiful interiors of the Palais Bourbon.
Magical hanami in the Parc de Sceaux which I absolutely recommend visiting especially if you want to enjoy French gardens, the designer of the garden is André Le Nôtre who also was responsible for the gardens in the Château de Versailles (and those in Sceaux are free to enter!).
Homemade caldo verde 🙂
In the Swiss mountains. The views are breathtaking!
Short stay in Zurich area and back to Paris. If you plan to travel from Paris to Basel or Zurich I recommend taking very comfortable and fast TGV Lyria train.
Season for asparagus has started! We love it 🙂
In the Petit Trianon, a must visit if you’re interested in life of Marie Antoinette – Queen of France and wife of Louis XVI.
Exhibition <<Des cheveux et des poils>> in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. You will find there all cultural information about hair you need to know. A fascinating display! Highly recommended.
Hope you enjoyed this springtime with me!


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