Geeky monthly captures: October 2022

October passed very quickly, filled with many cultural events and festivities in Paris, work and travel to Czech Republic and Germany at the end of the month. Paris is very beautiful in the autumn, with a palette of yellows, red and muted greens of the trees which you will find all around the city (Paris is quite green city on its own), especially in parks which are really well kept here. I’m not sure if this is my favourite part of the year, although I love when I can pick chestnuts in the forest to prepare chestnut soup and invite my friends over dinner to enjoy this autumnal dish with us, pick few pumpkins to cook delicious thick pumpkin cream, or just enjoy good book and cup of hot green tea in windy and rainy October evening;)

The good weather in the first days of October encouraged me to renew my running routine which I discontinued during extreme summer heat which we had in Europe. Cooler temperatures are more inviting for me to do my regular physical activities.

At the end of the month, I went Czech Republic, stayed few days in Prague and visited Karlovy Vary for one day. If you want to learn more about Karlovy Vary which is a famous Czech spa with long tradition check this post. When visiting Prague, I took a train and spend a weekend in Munich which surprised me with many cultural sites, world class museums and cosmopolitan vibe. The last days of October brought me a sweet family reunion with my parents in Poland, prior to that my mother joined me to discover for few days Prague together. If you’re looking for curious and more a bit off main tourist track attractions in Prague, see this post, if you’re searching for perfect authentic Czech souvenirs, click here.

As you see, October was a very good moth. In this post I invite you to get through some of its highlights captured in the photos.

Paris entered October spectacularly with the White Night when many museums, institutions and curious places are open until midnight (and sometimes until morning;)). That night you can expect many great events all around the city. Here we attend a concert in the Paris City Hall. The main room was decorated with installations made of Pierre Herme macarons, one could also enjoy some degustations 😋
Free taxi in Paris? All is possible during the White Night! The free ride was available from Paris City Hall to the philharmonic which offered free concerts during all night! Here we were testing cars running on hydrogen.
Heading to the philharmonic…
…and enjoying the music!
This night was so busy! We visited also the MIRROR OF THE WORLD MASTERPIECES FROM THE DRESDEN CABINET OF CURIOSITIES. This is a temporary exhibition that you can see in the Musée du Luxembourg. If you’re visiting during the day, I recommend to have a walk in the park just behind!
If you search for beautiful views of Paris, I suggest going on terraces of Centre Pompidou.
There is no proper start of the month without a bowl of ramen 🍲
The weather was inviting enough to restart my running routine.
Refreshing evening at the Centre Pompidou. We try to visit it once per month.
October is a perfect time to pick some chestnuts!
Visiting medieval art Cluny Museum in Paris. I’ve been there last time 5 years ago. Nice to be back for one afternoon.
Parisian parks in the autumn.
Every October there is a festival of Science organized in Paris. You can expect that many museums and institutes will open their doors for curious visitors. You can count on many guided visits, special lectures and debates with experts. Here we enjoy our visit to the Gallery of Evolution. In the museum you can learn a lot about endangered and extinct species, see skeletons of dinosaurs and understand a lot about complex processes of life evolution on the Earth. Great option if you’re in Paris with kids, children love this museum.
The favourite attraction during the festival for my husband, was to visit the submarine which can be explored in the City of Science and Industry.
What do you do when you pick 4 kilograms of chestnuts in the forest? Invite your friends and have the chestnut party of course!
Newly discovered park in Paris. After 7 years!
Immersing in the world of Arabs at the Arab World Institute in Paris.
Beauty of Paris in October.
Our newly discovered place serving delicious sushi- Sushi Ichi, click here to check their menu!
Another festivities in Paris! Let’s go for the 5th edition of The Journées Particulières of LVMH which showcases the amazing diversity of métiers and savoir-faire within LVMH Houses across the world. Welcome to the world of luxury! During those days we have visited famous Maison Chaumet on Place Vendome. Part of the visit was not allowed to photograph when we entered their secret workshops.
The luxurious Broderies Vermont House unveiled their workshops to the general public for the first time!
After full day of exhibitions, time for delicious ramen!
An excellent exhibition of artworks of Joan Mitchell and Claude Monet at the Foundation Louis Vuitton. Available until 27th February 2023. If you want a small sneak peek, check out this post.
Relaxing afternoon in the Jardin d’Acclimatation.
Horrors at Orly Airport.
Welcome to Prague!
Discovering more and less known Prague. Check out this post to read my few recommendations.


Welcome to breathtaking landscapes of Bavaria!
Our mulled wine season has officially started!
Sampling Bavarian cuisine
Iconic Hofbräuhaus in Munich
Great visit to Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, in my opinion it is one of the best modern art museums in Europe.
Munich really enchanted me with its vast offer of world class museums. Here an equally excellent visit to Alte Pinakothek where you can contemplate the works of old masters.
Impressive Munich Residence which is the former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria. If you want to learn more about my visit to this splendid place check out this post.
Back to Prague! I visited Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and saw their 2 glass exhibition. The beautiful interior of the building is a bonus. Nonetheless, I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t include any of fantastic furniture designs that Czech Republic can be proud of.
Isn’t Prague beautiful during autumn? ❤️
October was a gorgeous month!
  1. Ginny

    Whoa, October was really packed! Love how cultural Paris gets in the autumn. I’ve never been to Prague but looks so lovely, I read your other post with more details, how many times you’ve been there?

  2. Jane

    The opportunities in Paris are enormous 🤩 I really like the format of the monthly posts, they’re so inspiring about being mindful when spending time!

  3. Englishman in NYC

    Wow, what a month! I really like the amount of activities one can have in Paris! The festival of Science looks such a cool initiative!

  4. Becky

    I’m impressed how many activities you had this month. Paris looks so much fun in the autumn. Love the pics from Bavaria. I think the FMC is my favourite series on this blog, please continue!

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