Geeky monthly captures: March 2023

March was a beautiful month with some friends and family reunions, travel in search of springtime as well as many cultural venues waiting for us in Paris in the later weeks of the month.

The first days of March we have spent in Sevilla (shortly) and later in Algarve which surprised us with rainy weather which gave as in exchange colourful blossoms of spring. We saw the region in lush green which is impossible to experience in the summer with ground burned from extreme heat. We arrived in Portuguese strawberry season and I found this stay great escape from prolonged winter in France. After our return, Paris also seemed to wake up from February’s lethargy (or maybe it’s just me?), we were lucky to attend many cultural events, some museums and galleries I visited for the same time!

March left me with some goals set and still to be met, with some new resolutions and plans which I hope to have their chance, hoping that it happens in a smooth flow and as naturally as the spring with its elaborated blossoms, firm and irrevocable growth so elusive for the human eye when taking a glance and so undeniable from the perspective of time.

Weekend in enchanting Sevilla.
Doing picturesque cliff hikes in Algarve. I particularly recommend the Seven Hanging Valleys and Ponta da Piedade treks.
Algarve is a really great choice if you search for a good balance between cultural visits and sporty activities. If you want to get some ideas, check out this post for my itinerary which allowed me to do both without much rush.
I love how the orange and lemon trees decorate the squares and narrows streets of southern Portuguese towns. Pity that the camera can’t also capture the citrus scent…
If you like visits to cities with historical sites, have a one day trip to Faro and Tavira. If you want to see how I spent my one day in Faro, click here.
Endless walks…
Not everything was lemons and sugar drops… Paris was struggling with massive strikes this month, one of the consequences being huge piles of trash in many districts…
Not only trash appeared on the Parisian streets, here is some new street art in front of Samaritane.
Visiting Hôtel de la Marine which is a French heritage at its finest! This emblematic 18th-century palace is situated in the Place de la Concorde. If you don’t have time to have a day trip to Château de Versailles, Hôtel de la Marine will give you a similar vibe. Click here to book your tickets.
Evening in the Louvre
Do you know that the Louvre is the largest museum on entire Earth? It has nearly 73,000 square metres of exhibition space. No wonder that many visitors feel lost how to navigate around. If you want to make the best out of your experience in the Louvre check out this post for practical tips.
The spring is coming to Paris <3
I love watching cherry blossom in March whenever I am, however every time I see these delicate blooming flowers I think about spectacular hanami in Japan. The Japanese have wise approach to trees planting planning it well through the centuries, which results in beautiful parks and perfectly lined streets with the trees standing so close that the blossoming branches create white and pink roofs over heads of the passers-by. I have experienced this magical time when working in Tokyo few years ago. If you want to see my favourite cherry blossom spots in Tokyo check out this post.
Speaking of Japan, the Parisian Museum Guimet is currently hosting temporary exhibition presenting a unique set of prints by Utagawa Hiroshige which were decorating traditional fans widely used in Japan. Made between the 1830s and 1850s, they are among the rarest and most elaborate of the work of the artist, one of the last great image makers in Japan of the Edo period. The exhibition is displayed until May so hurry up to book your entry if you’re in Paris! Click here to consult the museum’s official website.
Classics of Paris.
Attending an event with very interesting vegan dining concept.
Visiting Museum of Hunting and Nature (Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature). I must admit that I was a bit prejudiced before about this place expecting to see plenty of rows with sad heads of hunted animals behind the exhibition glass. Much to my (very pleasant) surprise, the museum is an exquisite mansion which once belonged to a powerful family in Paris. You can see here tastefully decorated rooms which give you a good idea how affluent noble family lived once. There are also stuffed animals but more in form of decoration the way the nobles would keep them in their house since hunting was one of the most favourite pastimes among aristocrats. Consider visiting if you’re into grand mansions and want to see less obvious museum in Paris. Click here to check out the museum’s website.
Another great temporary exhibition, this time in Musée du quai Branly about Japanese kimonos. Visitors can admire beautifully embroidered textiles, see the prints created by Japanese artists displaying daily life scenes of old Japan with Japanese wearing their kimonos, as well as many traditional beauty accessories used in Edo period and later kimono designs showing us how the garment was transforming through years and how it is worn today. An absolute must see for every fan of Japan. Book your slot in advance since the exhibition is very busy. Consult the museum’s website here to make your reservation. When visiting the museum stay a bit in its pleasant garden!
So many events should be featured still but one needs to know when to stop 😉 Hope you enjoyed it and found some venues you will attend too if in Paris (or Spain, or Portugal ;)) Stay tuned for April’s geeky captures!
  1. Joanna

    How much in advance we should book the Louvre?
    I really like all these cultural options you have in Paris <3

    I've been to Algarve last year and also liked it a lot, we visited in summer and it wasn't that green, I'm in love in their spring!

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