Geeky monthly captures: September 2022

With this post I want to launch new blog series where I show some highlights in a photo report form from the previous month. I think it’s a nice memory to look back and it also makes me more mindful and attentive about my daily activities when capturing simple moments from my life.

This September has started with a pinch of summertime with beautiful sunny weather in Paris and then one week in Corfu where we had occasion to swim in sea water first time this year! Greek islands always enchant me with magnificent landscapes, historical sites and good cuisine. Corfu is full of interesting architecture and landmarks coming from Venetian times, it also has many attractive beaches with crystal clean warm water where you can relax all day. This was very refreshing week for us, bathed in Greek September sun, enjoying the island to its fullest.

We came back from our journey to Paris which flourished culturally in September. This month hosts many annual cultural events including my favourite Heritage Days when many of interesting institutions normally closed to public, open their doors to curious visitors. You can visit embassies, ministries, foundations and many other interesting places normally difficult to access or completely inaccessible.

September enchanted me also with its beautiful autumnal colours which you can enjoy in many of Parisian parks and surrounding forests.

I invite you to my photo report below to see some of the captures of my September days.  

Paris entered September with beautiful summer weather.
We have visited our favourite spots in the afternoons, I think I will never get used to all those elegant details of Parisian architecture even if I see them for years now… I also enjoyed Japanese food, there is many of authentic restaurants serving Asian cuisine here.
Paleokastritsa – the most picturesque beach on Corfu.

Insert for two pictures next to each other:

You can stay all day on the beach and just swim, sunbathe and snorkel, the water is crystal clear. Another option is to take a boat and see some nearby caves. If you like hiking you can climb up to Paleokastritsa Monastery and enjoy spectacular views at the area.
I spent first half of the day on the beach and then went to the monastery. The hill is very popular for sunsets, I didn’t stay that long but the views are gorgeous any moment of the day.
Enjoying the view 😉
I always try few beaches around when in new destination, finally visiting most often my favourite ones. Here you see Ipsos and Kavos beaches
Ipsos beach was very little crowded, has mild descent and gorgeous views at nearby mountains.
Cooling down in shadowy streets of Kerkyra after long swim.
Even if the purpose of this visit was mainly just to rest and enjoy the sun and sea, I couldn’t miss a short visit to a museum. I’ve decided to learn how noble families lived once in Corfu. This is possible in charming Casa Parlante.
Greece never disappoints me with its traditional cuisine!
If you’re visiting Kerkyra I really recommend seeing the Old Fortress of Corfu. Amazing views guaranteed! Before deciding on watching the sunset from the hill, verify the opening hours.
Back to Paris! The check in process was smooth in Corfu Airport which was not the case in many Europeans airports this summer…
On September 8 died Elizabeth II. This was very sad news, the Queen was such an example of an exceptional service and duty. A calm reflection on her life make one realizes how many beautiful lessons she gave of what is really important in life, the core rules and values which really matter.
Back to Paris which didn’t disappoint. The city relaunched its cultural season after summer hibernation. Each third weekend of September European Heritage Days are organized. This is a great occasion to see ministries, embassies and many other places which often are not open to public.
I particularly liked the Ministry of Agriculture garden where you could find growing vegetables. So cute!
Visit of Kering headquarters where visitors could see historical Balenciaga designs. I love the meticulous details of their clothes.
I also joined a 90-minutes tour Opera Bastille Behind the Scenes, excellent way to learn about the logistics behind opera performances. Unfortunately, we could’t take pictures of explorations of different floors (some underwater!), storages and workshops. Nonetheless, the tour was absolutely fascinating!
You can bump into such a view when running your errands around the city!
…or bump into movie shooting 😉
Taste of autumn <3 Time for delicious pumpkin soup 🍁🍂🍲
Preparations to Paris Fashion Week.
At the end of the month I visited FRED exhibition in Palais de Tokyo. Click here to see my post about this visit.
Paris spoiled us with sun and warmth in September. I wonder what October brings us next?
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    Wow, is September the best month to visit Paris? Looks like there is so many events which are uniquely organized this month! Love your snaps from Corfu, maybe you could write a separate post with some travel tips? I really like your lifestyle captures!

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